Volbella For Fuller Lips in Grand Junction

Do you want fuller lips but don’t want to appear “overdone”? Our team of expert plastic surgeons have been trained by Allergan’s (the company that manufactures Volbella) top national trainer. We are very happy to have this product that helps smooth lines around the mouth, often called perioral lines or “smokers lines” and create fullness and a natural look but not that overdone appearance. Subtly enhance your thin lips and create fullness that was once there in your youth. Volbella typically lasts one year and adds a smooth result to your face. We look forward to seeing you at our clinic and enhancing the already beautiful you. Call to schedule your appointment today at 970-242-8177. If you’re outside of the Grand Junction area and looking to receive plastic surgery or injections but live in Telluride, Gunnison, Delta or Montrose, we see patients and perform surgery and have a clinic in Montrose, Colo. Call our office at 970-242-8177 and ask to schedule with Dr. Pitcher in Montrose.

The results from Volbella are instant and you can be on your way. Before your treatment, you’ll receive a topical numbing cream that will set 20-30 minutes. Your injection will only take about 20 minutes!


If you’d like to read more about Volbella, visit: http://www.allergan.com/NEWS/News/Thomson-Reuters/JUV-DERM-VOLBELLA-XC-Approved-By-U-S-FDA-For-Use-I



Dr. Hartshorn injects patient with Volbella.

Dr. Hartshorn injects patient with Volbella at ReGenesis Plastic Surgery in Grand Junction, Colo.