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Welcome to our first virtual open house! We are excited that you can join us! If you are familiar with the flow of our typical open houses, you probably know it’s a little chaotic, but so much fun. We will want you to enjoy yourself and encourage you to gather friends and family along with snacks and refreshments while you attend our open house this year.

To ensure the privacy of you and other patients, we will be hosting one-on-one facetime opportunities with each physician via Zoom. Meeting with the physicians will be kept to a limit of 5 minutes, so we can get to every patient. We will only be admitting 1 patient at a time to each physician “meeting room”. As you enter the meeting room you will be added to a queue where we will be with you shortly. Unfortunately, the way Zoom is set up, you will not have the chance to know which place you are in line, but, please rest assured that we will get to you!

During the meeting with your physician, you will be asked for your name, DOB, and phone number. After discussing what procedures or services you are interested with your doctor, we will ask you to end the Zoom call and standby for a follow-up phone call from a Patient Care Coordinator. They will let you know the total and collect payment from there.