Thanksgiving Has Come and Gone…Now What?

We all had a great Thanksgiving. How about you? The resounding sense of gratefulness between Dr. Swelstad, Dr. Hartshorn and Dr. Pitcher were these three things:

  1. Talented, professional, compassionate and dedicated staff (And Lily who holds down the fort everyday!).
  2. Patients who trust us for their plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery needs and concerns.
  3. Great partners who share in the same passion of our mission.

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone…what are you thankful for? How can we help make your thanksgiving list a little longer for next year? Is it the disappearance of those fine lines? The unwanted hair that you’re constantly shaving (how nice would it be to not have that as a chore!)? A lift.. just a little help in the area where you need it most. That’s where you decide where you want it.. on the face or on the body. An arm lift, thigh lift, tummy tuck or a breast lift. We can help you with the smallest of things, too. Like that mole you want removed or just a simple skin check. We are here for you with the tiniest needs to the largest of dreams.


With thankful hearts,

The ReGenesis Staff

Face Care. Facial Laser Hair Removal. Body Care. Hairless Smooth And Soft Skin.

Face Care. Facial Laser Hair Removal. Thankful for Hairless Smooth And Soft Skin from ReGenesis Plastic Surgery And Skin Care Center!