Motherhood is a beautiful experience that brings many changes to a woman’s body. After childbearing, many women miss their pre-mommy bodies. A mommy makeover can help you restore your body and confidence. 

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Considering a Mommy Makeover?

This procedure usually involves improving the breasts by replacing the lost volume with a breast implant and a breast lift (if recommended). The abdomen is improved by performing a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) which removes the excess skin and some of the stretch marks while tightening the abdominal muscles which may have been stretched apart by pregnancy. Liposuction may also be performed on excessively full fatty areas. 




During your consultation, you will be asked questions about your health, desired outcome, and lifestyle. Our doctors and patient care coordinators will discuss procedure options, costs, and time frame for the surgery. They will also answer additional questions and concerns that you have about a mommy makeover. 

After your mommy makeover is completed, you will be given specific instructions that include how to care for your body after surgery and when to follow up with your plastic surgeon. Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon specific questions about what you can expect during your individual recovery period.

The results of your mommy makeover surgery are immediately visible. Over time, post-surgical swelling will resolve and incision lines will fade. The final results of your mommy makeover may be initially obscured by swelling and your inability to stand fully upright until internal healing is complete.

Your final results will appear over the next few months as your breasts’ shape and position continue to settle. Incision lines are permanent but will fade over time. Your scars may take several months to a year to fade. The results of your mommy makeover will be long-lasting. 



What is the recovery process?

After your surgery is completed, you will need to wear an elastic bandage, support bra, or a compression garment to minimize swelling as your body heals. Your recovery time will depend on the specific procedures you have. Full results can be seen around six months to one year after surgery.

What is the procedure process?

Step 1 – Anesthesia

Step 2 – Tummy Tuck Incision

Step 3 – The Breast Lift Incision

Step 4 – Reshaping Your Breasts

Step 5 – Closing The Incisions

How much does a mommy makeover cost?

Due to the nature of cosmetic surgery, we are not able to give standard prices without seeing the patient and discussing options that are best for them. Upon consultation, our doctors and patient care coordinators will discuss pricing. 

Should I get a mommy makeover if I plan to still have more kids?

We recommend waiting until after you complete your family to get a mommy makeover for the best results. Changes that occur in the breasts and abdomen during pregnancy can minimize or reverse the improvement a mommy makeover provides. Likewise, significant weight loss after a mommy makeover can negatively impact breast appearance.