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Micro Peels

Micro Peels


Peels are a great way to rejuvenate your skin to reduce the signs of wrinkles. A micro peel is the lightest of all the peels and it can be customized to your skin type. They have a more gradual effect on superficial wrinkles. The advantages of a micro peel include no recovery time and they help reduce your pore size and brighten your complexion. 

The micro peel includes a technique called dermaplaning, which is the secret to soft, wrinkle-free skin. Using a micro thin blade to shave your face, dermaplaning tricks your body into thinking it has an injury so it will begin repairing itself right away. The environmentally damaged skin is exfoliated off and the skin is forced to create new, healthy, plump cells while promoting the realignment of collagen.

Dermaplaning is often used in conjunction with other peels including enzymes, alpha hydroxy acid and glycolic acid to work on the superficial epithelial layers. These peels increase the density and organization of collagen and elastic fibers, helping to decrease pigmentation in treated skin. Beta hydroxyl acid is the use of salicylic acid. This peel is beneficial for those with acne and hyperpigmentation. Fruit acids are considered to be an antioxidant, and over time have shown to reverse signs of age and enhance moisture retention.

Micro peels are $135.