Open house: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the open house in Grand Junction or Montrose?

A: Our open house this year is all virtual! If you are inquiring about surgeries, you can speak to a physician or laser technician one-on-one over Zoom between the hours of 4:30 and 6:30 on October 22. If you are interested in laser packages, filler, Botox, aesthetic services, or skin care products, you will be able to purchase directly on our website the entire day of the open house.

Q: Is there a coupon code to purchase online?

A: No. Our online sales will automatically offer the sale price. If you are a VIP black card holder, you will be emailed a one-time-use code that will unlock additional savings. Online sales will be offered 7 am- 9pm on October 22.

Q: How do we connect with you over Zoom?

A: We will have direct links to each physician, including our Dermatologist, and our laser technicians on our website HERE. We will start the Zoom “meetings” at 4:30 and work through each patient one-on-one.

Q: How will one-on-one meetings work? Do I need to make an appointment?

A: You do not need to make an appointment. Once you click on your desired physician’s Zoom link, you’ll be redirected to their Waiting Room in Zoom. We will be admitting patients in one by one, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once you are in the queue in the waiting room, there is unfortunately no way to know what place you are in, but we promise we will get to you!

Q: Do I need to get in line with a physician if I already know what surgery I want?

A: Yes, because of the nature of surgeries, not all surgeries are cut and dry in price. Getting on the Zoom call gives the doctor a better idea on how much your surgery will cost based on how long the doctor will need to perform.

Q: Do I need to get inline with a physician if I already know that I want Botox and/or fillers?

A: No! Skip the line and purchase on our website. If you are unsure about which filler to get, you can visit our filler page on our website to know which fillers go in different areas of the face.

Q: What am I responsible for paying during the event?

A: We require that all surgeries, and online purchases be paid in full that night to take advantage of our savings.

Q: Do you offer any payment plans?

A: We do take Care Credit, a medical-based credit Card. We accept 6- and 12-months interest free. Other than that, we do not offer in-house financing. If you are do opt-in for care credit, we can run the card the evening of the event but will need a signature of the Care Credit holder the following day.

Q: How soon will I be able to get in after I purchase?

A: In most cases, we will schedule you within 3 months of purchasing. This really depends on how busy our physicians are in that time frame.

Q: Will I get my Botox/filler injected that night?

A: No, we use the time of the open house for purchasing only. We will gladly call you within a few days of the event to schedule you for the services you bought.