Open House CALL IN Price Sheet for October 17th, 2018


Did you miss our Open House?*

We know it was a crazy zoo with parking and check out lines. Some people were not able to make this evening work. We had an overwhelming successful event and we are offering those who weren’t able to attend with something we’ve NEVER DONE BEFORE:

If you missed our Open House – you can still get the best pricing on fillers, Botox, laser treatments, and aesthetic treatments for FOUR HOURS ONLY! Unfortunately this does not apply to surgeries. We are doing a special “CALL-IN” for Open House pricing, but you must call Mei directly at 970-255-3544 to receive the special pricing on

Wednesday, October 17th

*We are offering this ONLY to patients who did not attend our open house. If you did purchase at our open house, you will not be eligible to purchase anything additional for the call in.