About The Procedure

Radiesse® is FDA approved to safely correct wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth. Radiesse not only fills in your lines and wrinkles, it stimulates the production of collagen and encourages tissue regeneration. These immediate results can last up to one year.

Radiesse works with your body, below the skin’s surface. The calcium-based microspheres in the injection work to form a “scaffold” to support and stimulate the growth of your own collagen. Over time the calcium-based microspheres break down and are safely absorbed by your body.
More than a temporary fix or fill-in for wrinkles, Radiesse may restore facial volume for a more youthful look.

During Your Procedure

Radiesse® is a simple and safe procedure with an injection into the skin. This in-office procedure is administered with the use of a local anesthetic with most patients returning to normal activities soon after treatment. There is little to no downtime.


Typical injection-related reactions may occur with Radiesse®, such as mild irritation, swelling, itching, bruising or tenderness at the injection site. These conditions typically resolve on their own.

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$590 per syringe.