Moab Seminar – Free Dinner Event

You Are Invited to Join Us in Moab, Utah

We’d love to invited you and a friend (or two!) to attend our Moab Seminar, a free dinner event. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will share about the latest in plastic surgery. You’ll learn (and see) how progressive our Grand Junction, Colo. practice is and how you can benefit from our services and surgeries. Are you curious about plastic surgery and want to learn more? Not sure if it is for you or have questions? Come join us at the Homewood Suites by Hilton in downtown Moab for a night out with a catered dinner event and get those questions asked! We’d like to meet invite you to learn about mommy makeovers, facial rejuvenation, breast lifts and breast augmentations, lasers and non-surgical options, too.

Please RSVP today to Rebecca at 970-261-6239 to reserve your seat. Don’t miss out!

Do you know the difference between CO2 Laser and J-Plasma? Should I get a breast lift or a breast aug? I have a stomach that is stretched out from having babies, what can be done to get it back to looking normal? I want to look younger and refreshed, how can I do that in my budget? We have all these answers and more. Any plastic surgery question you have, we can answer. As the conversation is opened, it makes for a more “eventful” event. Are you coming? We invite you to come and be our guest.  RSVP now!



Moab Seminar Invitation

Moab Seminar – Free Dinner Event on May 5th, 2017