What is Facelift Recovery Like? How Long to Expect Swelling?

Facelift recovery requires adequate time to keep your skin incisions clean, to eat and drink well, and get plenty of sleep. This is a time of recovery so limit your physical activity, your tissues need time to heal and strengthen. Please no lifting anything heavier than a bag of groceries, no exercise or stretching, take it easy! It is best to limit your responsibilities for work and family during this time so you can focus on your recovery. It is especially nice to have some TLC during this time, someone to help prepare meals, care for children and pets, and other tasks of daily living. Facelift recovery is not especially painful and is managed effectively with oral mediation. Antibiotics are also often prescribed. Swelling is typically mild but can be more involved in some individuals, decreasing in 10-14 days. Some individuals have bruising and swelling that takes a little longer to resolve. Most people return to work after two weeks and feel comfortable being out in public. You have made a big investment in your appearance and how that will make you feel so take good care of yourself to help you get your best result!