Botox Bash at Hair We Are – May 24th


Join Dr. Jeff Pitcher, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a night at Hair We Are Salon: 2518 Broadway,Unit B2, Grand Junction, CO 81507 from 5-7pm for a Botox Bash. Get injected by a plastic surgeon and each unit is only $10. Call the Salon at (970) 241-7046 to reserve your time on Wednesday, May 24th. #botox #westslopebestslope #sharegj #regenesisgj #hairweare

New to Botox? It’s a fast and easy injection that makes your muscles relax (also known as a temporary muscle paralyzer). A muscle that isn’t used under the skin, prevents wrinkles from forming on the surface, since there is no movement below. After about five days from the injection site (can be less or more, depending on the person) Botox really takes full effect for about three months. Most people regularly schedule Botox appointments every three months so that it doesn’t wear off completely and the wrinkles come back. We enjoy doing the Botox Bashes at various #GrandValley salons because we get out of the office and have a change of scenery and it is really a lot of fun. Hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming Botox Bashes.

Learn more about Botox, here.