Body Treatments

Our Body Treatments

Experience total indulgence with our rejuvenating back facial treatment. Our expert aestheticians will analyze your specific skin concerns and needs to provide a fully customized service. Using premium botanical-based products, we’ll gently cleanse and exfoliate to slough away dead skin cells and purge pores of impurities. Potent hydrators and targeted serums are then massaged deeply into the skin to nourish and replenish. But this treatment transcends just surface care – the soothing massage techniques and aromatic botanicals promote full-body relaxation for an immersive, holistic experience. Emerge with a glowing, smooth back complexion and a renewed sense of serenity. This tailored facial revitalizes your skin while restoring balance to both body and mind.

DiamondGlow® Body Treatment:

This comprehensive service uses the same advanced technology as the popular DiamondGlow®Facial but customized for the body’s unique needs. An aesthetician will begin by gently exfoliating away dull, dead skin cells using the DiamondGlow® exclusive diamond-tip wand. This allows for deeper product penetration of targeted professional-grade serums selected for your individual skin concerns like dryness, acne, discoloration, or signs of aging. The body is then treated to full-body hydration using medical-grade skincare that plumps and nourishes.

Pricing: Starting at $195