Virtual Open house F.A.Q.

Q: Is the open house in Grand Junction or Montrose?

A: Our open house this year is all virtual! If you are inquiring about surgeries, you can speak to a physician or laser technician one-on-one over Zoom between the hours of 4:30 and 6:30 on October 22. If you are interested in laser packages, filler, Botox, aesthetic services, or skin care products, you will be able to purchase directly on our website the entire day of the open house.

Q: Is there a coupon code to purchase online?

A: No. Our online sales will automatically offer the sale price. If you are a VIP black card holder, you will be emailed a one-time-use code that will unlock additional savings.

Frequently asked questions: Breast Augmentation

Will I need any more visits before surgery?

It is highly recommended that you meet with Dr. Swelstad or Dr. Pitcher at least one more time before your surgery to answer any questions and review the procedure. You will also need to have a “History & Physical Exam” a few weeks before surgery which will be done by the doctor’s assistant (or it may be done by your primary care physician). You may schedule a meeting with Dr. Swelstad or Dr. Pitcher the same day to answer any questions.

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Help! I'm getting maskne!

Maskne and Sundara Acne Control Serum – read the post below for more information on how to treat/prevent maskne with Dr. Kappius’ help!

What is maskne?

It is a new term describing the type of acne on your lower face resulting from frequent mask wearing. It is caused by several factors – a hot and humid environment under the mask leading to bacterial overgrowth and clogged pores, and irritation from friction (where the mask rubs on your face). 

Maskne does NOT mean you need to stop wearing a mask – read below for our tips and tricks to treat and prevent it!


Thinking about a mommy makeover?

Motherhood can be hard on a woman, both mentally and physically. In an attempt to recover parts of their former selves, many mothers are opting in for the cosmetic surgery known as a Mommy Makeover— a combo that typically consists of a tummy tuck and a breast procedure (lift or augmentation).

In a nutshell, a mommy makeover is a trend towards plastic surgery for post-pregnancy moms who are fighting to get their old bodies back. As a result of stretch marks, a stretched belly, added weight, and hormonal changes to the face and breasts, women have to work hard to lose the baby weight and return to shape.

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How much do you know about skin?

May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, which is an important reminder to get a skin check.

Reasons there are more skin cancers here:

1. High altitude    

2. High UV index 

3. There are about 245 sunny days per year in Grand Junction. 

Before you get outdoors in the Colorado sunshine this summer, here are a few things to know.

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Dr. Kappius Shares Her Skincare Routine

Dr. Kappius, Board-Certified Dermatologist, spends her days treating and helping patients with their skin — but how does she take care of her skin?

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