Tattoo Removal

We are pleased to offer cutting edge tattoo removal with PICO technology right here in Grand Junction with the Cutera Enlighten laser. The Enlighten fires at one billionth of a second (a PICO second) to crystallize the ink in your tattoo so your body can either absorb it or splinter it out. Most lasers fire at a nano second, one millionth of a second, and we’re pleased to offer this top of the line laser to our patients!

About The Procedure

Light energy is delivered through a laser hand piece in a series of brief pulses onto the tattoo being treated. The light energy is absorbed by the ink, but spares the surrounding tissue. The light energy causes the majority of the ink to break up into microscopic particles and then is absorbed (metabolized) by the body. Some of the ink absorbs the heat and crystallizes it, making the skin think it is a foreign substance and it is pushed out like a splinter. Treatments are recommended every 6-8 weeks for skin types I-IV and every 8-12 weeks for types V-VI.

During Your Procedure

Time per session varies with size and ink density, but typically takes less than three minutes! The sessions are spaced out 6-8 weeks to allow the body to process the ink. Most commonly, patients tell us the feeling is similar to a rubber band snap or an electrical zap, but it is tolerable and very fast. We have numbing cream upon request.

What To Expect

The treated area will look “frosted” immediately following the procedure, which goes away the first day for most patients. It may be slightly raised and swollen for a week. On occasion, there can be pinpoint bleeding under the skin, called petechiae, but typically heals in a week. Some areas will develop a blister, which is treated on an individual basis. *Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.


4 square inches or smaller = $80 per treatment or Treat to Complete “T2C” package $400

2×2 = $130 per treatment or T2C package $650

3×3 = $150 per treatment or T2C package $750

4×4 = $185 per treatment or T2C package $925

5×5 = $275 per treatment or T2C package $1375

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